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Welcome to the bugs page of my website. Dedicated to those multi-legged pests that ruin our everyday lives... Well, not exactly. This page is dedicated to the mistakes and screw-ups that the developers made/left in Corridor 7: Alien Invasion. Good bugs, bad bugs, or just eye candy bugs; if it's been found, it's more than likely here. If the bug has been submitted to me that is. I'm relying on the aid of the Corridor 7 fan base to expand this page. If you found a bug in the game, please send it to After exploiting... I mean testing the bug, I will post it to this page with a big thank you to the finder of the bug.

Our first bug submitted is a good bug. Should help make the Enirams in the various levels easier to spot.

I have discovered a mysterious bug in Corridor 7, this bug occoured on level 17, the bug was that the Erinams were visible! You could see them without the visor! You could even see them moving without the visor (infra-red mode to be more specific). It might work with any level with Erinams, but i am not sure.
To enable this bug:
Firstly load up the level.
Turn on the visor's infra-red mode.
Then reload that level from the reterive mission menu.
If you have done this you should have made the Erinams visible!

Thank you for the e-mail your highness. This should save some energy for those visor packs.