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The Main Cheat

To activate this cheat, press the keys W, A, and X together. 
Note: Your score will reset to zero when this cheat is enabled.

Your player will instantly receive:                                            

  • Every weapon
  • 100 points of health
  • The Floor Plan
  • 200 rounds of ammo       
  • 100 alien charge points
  • 25 mines
Diagnostic Codes

You can use a handful of additional keys to accomplish various actions or get various data in the game. These keys require that you start Corridor 7 with the "level1diagnostic" command line parameter. Additionally, you must press [Ctrl], left [Shift], and [Tab] keys at the same time during play, you will see "Special keys enabled" to know that the cheat worked.

[Backspace] + G
Toggles god mode on and off. When god mode is on, you cannot be hurt by anything. Useful when play testing levels or trying to get to an area where you always died.
[Backspace] + D
Toggles walk debug mode on and off. When on, this mode displays your coordinates and information about the construction of the level immediately around you. You can use the "pos" coordinates (your location) to pinpoint key locations on the map for other players.
[Backspace] + W
Allows you to warp to any level. When prompted with "Warp to which level", type the number of level to which you want to warp (as indicated in the following table) and press Enter. Your score is zeroed, but you are instantly taken to the starting point of the level.
  • Levels 1-30 Initial 30 levels in Delta Base
  • Levels 31-36 Bonus levels A-F
  • Levels 31-40 Alien World levels
  • Levels 41-46 Bonus levels A-F
  • Levels 47-50 Empty, not used
  • Levels 51-58 Network/modem levels
  • Levels 59-60 Empty, not used
[Backspace] + N
Toggles no clipping on and off. When no clipping is on, you can walk through walls, doors, aliens, and any other usually solid object. This cheat key can be a lot of fun, but also disorienting. Level 2 has a room accessible only with this cheat.
[Backspace] + R
Causes the image of Solrac to appear in front of you, just in case you haven't wasted enough ammo on him yet.
[Backspace] + I
Adds 100,000 points to your score, gives you 200 rounds of ammo and 100 alien charges (more with subsequent use if you have an Ammo Pack), and the next powerful weapon.
[Backspace] + P
Allows you to play the cinematic sequences manually. When prompted for a "Flic Name", enter the drive letter of your CD-ROM, the path \CORR7CD\, and the name of one of the sequences. 

Valid sequence names are:

  • SEQONE.CO7 Displays the Capstone Logo
  • SEQTHREE.CO7 Displays the opening sequence of the artifact being retrieved and the aliens invading.
  • SEQFOUR.CO7 Displays the ending animation of the vortex being destroyed.

Note: You must have the minimum memory required to play the animated sequences for this to work.

[Backspace] + M
Pauses the game and displays information about the memory available and memory being used. Not too useful to a player, but perhaps useful in determining if a problem is memory related.
[Backspace] + C
This key pauses the game and displays information on statistics, doors, and actors. The only useful information for the player is the actor information. The "Total Actors" value indicates how many aliens there are (alive or dead) on this level. The "Active Actors" value indicates how many aliens are alert to your presence. (The Active value includes dead aliens.)
[Backspace] + F
Although not really useful, this key displays detailed player location information. Your exact compass angle (0=North) and relative direction (North, South, East, or West) are probably the most useful of the bunch. Press any key to clear the display.
[Backspace] + T (CD-ROM Version)
Pauses the game and displays information about the transporters on the current level. The transporter number, location, and location to which it transports is shown. Use this cheat in conjunction with [Backspace] + D to identify what transporters go where.

All Cheat Codes and Descriptions courtesy BradyGAMES Official Corridor 7 Guide with additions and corrections by me.