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Items and Power-ups found throughout Corridor 7


Pick-up items

Found scattered throughout the base and can be picked up by walking over them.

Adrenaline Boost - Pure adrenaline that will increase your health by 300%.

Ammo Pack - Can hold 500 rounds of additional ammo (not included) and two may be carried.

Body Armor - Putting this item on will give your character a 200% armor rating.

Charge Packs - These energy packs recharge alien weapons.

Invulnerability Sphere - This item will make your character invulnerable for a limited amount of time.

Proximity Map - Reveals entire area of level you pick this item up on.

Proximity Mines - Once placed, they will cause an extreme amount of damage to anything in their area.



Dispensers are one time use only and dispense the item when activated.. You have to "use" these by pressing [Spacebar] directly in front of them.

Medic Packs - This will increase health by 25%.

Ammunition Bays - Contains ammo for the M-24 & M-343 in 50 round clips.

Visor Battery Recharge - This unit contains a recharged battery for your helmet's visor.


Other Items

Fit in neither of the other two categories. 

Health Chamber - Experimental reviving chambers for non-mortal wounds. Can restore up to 100% of health depending on energy level remaining in the chamber before use.

Blue Security Computers - Contains blue door pass code to allow access to appropriate areas. Same level only.

Red Security Computers - Contains red door pass code to allow access to appropriate areas. Same level only.

Teleporter - Found on alien planet. Allows instant access to various areas of each level.

Vortex - Portal that started the invasion. Don't get too acquainted with this though, it only appears once in the game, on level 30. (Twice in the CD-ROM version, second time on level 40.)