This is my downloads page. Everything I have available for download can be found on this page for your downloading pleasure. All files are ZIP files. An unzipping program such as WinZip is required to uncompress these files.

Corridor 7 Based Files

Corridor 7: Alien Invasion - CD-ROM "Mini" Version - For those who are not interested in the Movies or the CD Audio Tracks, I have made this modified version of the CD. The zip contains the data files instead of an ISO, though the files will still need to be burned to a CD-ROM before the game can be played.

Corridor 7: Alien Invasion - Floppy Disk Version

Corridor 7: Alien Invasion - One Level Demo - Interesting thing about this is the demo level is not in the full version game.

Corridor 7 Disk Version Manual - Entire manual in a "Rich Text Format" text file that can be opened with most Windows text editors including Microsoft Word and WordPad. Includes Addendum text file.

Corridor 7 Utilities

XWE v1.10 - Excellent program that can open and extract images from the GFXTILES.CO7 Wall/Sprite file.

MapEdit v8.4 - This is "the" Corridor 7 map editor. Contains everything you need to build levels for both the Floppy and CD-ROM versions of the game. This also works with the other Wolf3D Engine games such as Blake Stone, Spear of Destiny, and Operation Body Count.

MapEdit Wall and Object lists - Graphical lists of Corridor 7 floppy wall and object data for MapEdit v8.4 in PDF format. This will help when making floors for the floppy version of Corridor 7: Alien Invasion. Click here for an example of what this is. A Corridor 7 CD-ROM version of this list is in the works.

NeoPaint v3.2 - Excellent little DOS paint program that I have always used to edit GIF files for the Wolfenstein games. May not work with newer versions of Windows though.

Capture It! v2.2 - The only screen capture utility that I have been able to successfully use with Corridor 7. Comes with a program that converts the captured screen files into GIF files. This is a DOS TSR program.
Other Capstone Based Downloads

Operation Body Count - Floppy Disk Version - Corridor 7's younger brother. Also built off the Wolf3d engine.

Corridor 8: Galaxy Wars Prototype and Source Code - Here you are people, the source and prototype for Corridor 8. Just the same as I received it on the CD I received from Les, the programmer for the Capstone 3D games. Due to lack of room, I had to place the file on a different server. Should keep you content for a while, enjoy! Click here for the Design Documentation that accompanies the source code. It is in Adobe Acrobat 7.0 PDF format. Big thanks to for hosting this file for me. Cheers!

Levels, Walls, Sprites, and Total Conversions

Corridor 7 Level 1 for DOOM II - Floor 1 of Corridor 7 recreated for DOOM II. I thought it would be interesting to create the level as closely to the original and this is what I got. Only powerups and enemies are in the level, no scenery.