Here you will find links to anything related to Corridor 7. Not too much here right now, but hey... never know what might happen!

AWE Productions - The new company that includes some of the designers of Corridor 7.

DieHard Wolfers Forums - The DieHard Wolfers is a forum where people talk about anything Wolf related. Every now and then you'll have someone come up with a question, comment, or idea for Corridor 7. I go by the name Mishran on the forum.

Yahoo! Groups capstonegames - This is my Yahoo! Group dedicated to the Capstone FPS games. You can find the same files from the downloads page on this site as you will on the Groups page, though you may find some extra files there you won't find here and vise versa

Home of the Underdogs - Even though I don't like how the webmaster of this page bashed Corridor7, you can find lots of cool games on this site so I'll list it here anyway . ;)

Internet Archives Wayback Machine - Great archiving site that has made backups of several terabytes worth of web sites, audio, and video from the web. It also happens to have a backup copy of Capstone's old web site and it's parent company Intracorp. The link will take you directly to the Intracorp web archive.

Wikipedia - Wikipedia is a great online "encyclopedia" that anyone can contribute to. It contains a page dedicated to Corridor 7. It even mentions my site as a link on Corridor 7's page.