Welcome to my own little place on the web dedicated to my favorite first person shooter, Corridor 7 by Capstone Software. After doing numerous searches on various search engines, I came to one conclusion. There are NO Corridor 7 web pages! Basically, all that is available is your occasional cheat pages and pages that give a brief overview for the game. Well, I'm here to change that. My goal was simple. Create the first fan site dedicated to Corridor 7 that is also not only enjoyable to visit, but also a great resource (What else are you going to do when you lose that stupid manual...) for folks who have the game.

It's wonderful to see that my site has been visited over 12,000 times. Most hits are likely from repeat visitors, but if you come here more than once, you must find my page interesting and helpful. That is exactly what I'm striving for. I've said it before and I'll say it again, "Some people really do understand just how great this title is!" I'd like to thank those who gave me their ideas and suggestions for making this site better. Finally, remember to keep those hits coming!

This page will not only be dedicated to the game itself, but will also contain as many Corridor 7 editors, utilities, levels, graphics, and Total Conversions as I can find (and make). I have a number of downloads available. Only the floppy version is available on this site at the moment. When I find the space for the CD-ROM game, it will be added as well. You will also find a floppy copy (heh heh) of Corridor 7's little brother,  Operation Body Count, here. You will also find other Capstone related downloads here as well. Please take advantage of this and download till your heart's content!

 Perhaps you are one of those people who never heard of Corridor 7... I can help you out there. Here is a brief description about the game from the back of the game box.

"The year is 2012. A team of U.S. scientists returns from Mars with a small, metallic object - the first hard proof that life exists beyond our planet.

Rushed to a top secret underground facility, through a maze-like series of hallways and test chambers, the object is secured in the lowest level laboratory - at the end of Corridor 7.

Subjected to gamma radiation, the sphere explodes - transformed into a radiating gateway, linking our world with another. An army of creatures emerges from the pulsating vortex. The Alien Invasion has begun.

You are a Special Forces Agent, sent to eliminate all invaders, floor by floor - by whatever means possible. Wage a ferocious battle through the overrun military base and reach  your destination. Down Corridor 7 looms the fate of the entire human race."

Doesn't sound too bad does it. Well, to get more in depth into the game itself, it is built on an enhanced Wolfenstein 3D engine. Yeah, you remember Wolfenstein 3D don't you? Some of the new features includes Proximity Mapping which lets you see your surroundings as well as enemies before they can spot you. Transparent and animated walls are also included. How does being able to use glass and see-through walls to your advantage, eh? If those cool features don't impress, how about having Infra-red and Night Vision? There are many invisible traps scattered throughout the game that requires infra-red to spot. Night vision is a plus since it allows you to see the enemies easier in the dark atmosphere.

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