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23 February, 2009 Cheers! Corridor 8 source file is once again available. Thanks to for hosting the file. Head to the Downloads section to grab a copy.
10 February, 2009 Link to Corridor 8 Prototype is no longer available until a new home is found. Any volunteers?

Minor adjustments to various pages. Link to my old Capstone 3D website removed.

16 July, 2007 Expanded the old Capstone site to include all of Intracorp's pages.
03 August, 2006 Made a few small, unnoticeable changes to the site. No biggie...
08 June, 2005 Added the Corridor 8 design documents to the download page. Link can be found with the prototype/source description.
07 June, 2005 Update long overdue. Added Corridor 7 level 1 for DOOM II That I created. to the file list, as well as the source code and prototype build  for Corridor 8: Galaxy Wars!. Thank you, Les!
12 August, 2004 Build source page and link removed. I don't think I really need them anymore. Do you?
04 August, 2004 Source code again removed, this time indefinitely. Read download page for details.
26 July, 2004 Witchaven's source code is once again available for download.
24 July, 2004 Updated source page to accommodate all three Build game sources. Only Witchaven will be currently available. Also made a few slight changes to the downloads page to make it look cleaner. Separated downloads by content.
23 July, 2004 Unfortunately I have had to remove the source until further notice.
22 July, 2004 The Witchaven source code is finally released! Find it in my downloads section.
11 July, 2004 New item added to download section. This time its a graphical list of the Mapedit map and object data for Corridor 7.
13 April, 2004  The CD-ROM version of Corridor 7 will no longer be hosted on my site. Hope everyone got a copy. Have fun!
17 March, 2004 Dummy me for not thinking of this sooner. I have made a "mini" version of the Corridor 7 CD-ROM available on the downloads page. It does not contain the movies or the CD audio tracks. The "full" CD-ROM will still be made available as planned for the month of March. Don't worry, your downloading will not be for nothing. ;)
29 February, 2004 Added new Bugs page to the menu. Submit your bugs, but not the ones with legs!

Making CD-ROM version available in parts throughout the month of March. You'll find a link on the downloads page.  Get it now while it's available!

29 January, 2004 Added box scans of the GT Interactive release of the Corridor 7 CD-ROM.

Added CD-ROM scan of the GT Interactive release of the Corridor 7 CD-ROM .

09 November, 2003 Made a few cosmetic changes to the site, no biggy :)

Removed the cheats link from the download page and added a web page version to the menu bar.

Added a High Scores page. Be sure to check it out and send in your high scores!

05 November, 2003 Added detailed stats and descriptions for the weapons and cast pages. 

Added BradyGAMES Guide cover  images to pics page.

Added the vortex to the items page. Had the image the whole time, but forgot to add it to the page.

01 November, 2003

All rejoice, Corridor 7 CD-ROM is again available on the Downloads page! (Data track only...)

Update: 03 November 2003 - Complications have forced me to once again remove it. Sorry for any inconvenience.

31 October, 2003

 Added info pages for aliens, weapons, and items. Happy Halloween everyone!

13 October, 2003

Added a counter to the page.

09 October, 2003

Overhauled "Capstone's Old Website" to look more like the original.

07 October, 2003

Made several noticeable and unnoticeable changes to the site.

Created FTP service for Capstone games. Several games added. Link found in Downloads page.

Added irresistibly cool picture of Witchaven box art to the Pics page. 

05 October, 2003

Added Corridor 7 CD-ROM version to the Downloads page.

Removed web page from Geocities and placed it on my own server with FreeDNS.

17 September, 2003

Added link to copy of Capstone's old homepage.

Updated Downloads page with C7 Disk Manual text file download.

Added link to Capstone (Intracorp) full website from Internet Web Archives on the Links page.

Added Capstone and Intracorp logos to the Pics page.

Added Floppy Disk version of Operation Body Count to Downloads page.

16 September, 2003

Website has been uploaded to Geocities.

15 September, 2003

First web page design completed.