For Windows and Mac intosh
Knock till you drop in Gin Rummy. Trump your opponents in Pinochle. Skunk or be skunked in Cribbage. Whether you prefer Hearts or Spades, Whist or Euchre, Anyone For Cards knows how yo u like to play your game. Childhood favorites like Crazy 8's, 31, and 99, or timeless games like George or Oh Hell round out our dozen games you can play with your choice of 18 partners and opponents.

  • 18 Partners/opponents to choose from - all with distinctive personalities & skill levels.
  • Adjustable settings to fit your playing style.
  • 8 unique cardback designs.
  • 12 Realistic tabletop patterns.
  • Sorting by rank, suit or both.
  • A handy practice mode for brushing up your skills.
  • Sound & music settings for entertainment while you play.
  • Anyone who loves cards will love Anyone For Cards. Download a fully playable demo of Anyone For Cards Pinochle. It's just under four megs. Create a directory called "cards " on your hard drive. Unzip the demo to the cards directory. From Windows Program Manager Run c:\c ards\install.exe.

    One note about the Anyone For Cards Demo: It is incompatible with Diamond Stealth Video Cards.
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