The Witches of Char are dead. Still, their legacy of evil lives on in your own homeland. Now, once again, you must arm yourself for battle. More foes, more realms, and more ways to die await you. Put your soul at risk in Witchaven II.

Time is, literally, in a bottle. Someone or something has placed the Pocket Universes in stasis. Their inhabitants will perish unless Korda, with his bottled time, puts an end to the crisis.

A bit of hell with you at the center of it all. In glorious "Build" Engine 3D, you will fight deadly witches and their hell-spawned minions as they seek to destroy you and your people. The Witchaven Demo is here.

The 3D "Build" Engine creates an interactive future where Tek threatens to destroy society unless you can stop stop the Tek Lords and their brutal Tek goons.