IMPORTANT!!! Please read the following instructions before downloading and installing the patch.


General Knowledge:
  1. This update should be used by anyone owning a version of Harpoon2 other than the Admirals Edition.
  2. It will fix known errors in the database but will not add units.
  3. A clean install of the game without other patches/updates is NOT necessary.
  4. The Admirals Edition of Harpoon2 can be ordered by calling 800/468-7226, it contains all previously released battlesets, the scenario editor, an unreleased battleset, and a database editor. MSRP $29.95
  5. If you have any questions regarding this patch or Harpoon2, please call 409/776-2187 between 9am and 6pm CST.
  6. 6.For replacement of defective disks, please send disks to:

Attn:Disk Replacement

ThreeSixty/IntraCorp Entertainment Inc.
2402 Broadmoor C-101
Bryan, Tx. 77802

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