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Witchaven is in the stores!!! Witchaven is now available at your local software retailer . If you don't see it on the shelves, ask for it. Tell them you want Witchaven!

Get the Witchaven 3 button mouse patch. The patch adds 3 button mouse, CyberMaxx, and I-Glass support. Oh yeah, it'll also make your mouse turn faster.

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God Mode comes to Witchaven. So do teleport keys and 200 health points. Double your cheating pleasure by downloading and installing the Witchaven Cheat Patch. Download the readme, as well.


Deep within the volcanic pit of the Island of Char lies the mystical lair of Witchaven. There, witches older than time itself cast a shadow of evil spells that shroud your people in never-ending darkness. The power of demons grows as the sun sinks below the horizon. Tonight the beast is hungry.

Only you can lift the curse. Using your wits, spells, weapons, and courage conquer the demons and creatures who stand watch over the darkness. Defeat demon-spawns and their creators. Return your people to the light.

Tarry not, friends, begin your preparations, now. Download the 6 meg, playable Witchaven Demo and the Witchaven Upgrade. Or, if you prefer, get a Witchaven graphic. Either way, glimpse into the hellish pit of Char and tremble.

Boat, BonesFrom the intro sequence. The skeletal remains in the bottom of the boat, an augury of the evil awaiting you on the island of Char.

Witchaven:  Dare to enter...Another fully rendered graphic from the intro. Will Witchaven be the site of your greatest triumph or will it become a charnel house, filled with your bones and the bones of your people.

Warrior ThumbA 24 Bit, true color shot of the Ken Kelly box art. In Witchaven you will bloody your sword or die a cowards death.

DragonAt last, a gameplay screenshot. Will such a small sword be sufficient to put down that awful beast? You'll find out soon enough.

System requirements and more screenshots

For those of you who have been following the saga; a rescue ship spotted and recovered the floating remnants of the ill-fated Char expedition 180 miles from the island itself. The recovered artifacts, curios, and oddities are now for sale in the Witchmarket. All proceeds will go to the widows and widowers of the expedition's members.

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