An Introduction to Intracorp Entertainment, Inc.

Intracorp is a developer, publisher, and distributor of multimedia consumer entertainment software for personal computers.  Founded in 1984, Intracorp has in recent years made a significant commitment to expanding and enhancing its capabilities as a creator of quality interactive entertainment content.

Through its acquisition of the assets of Three-Sixty Pacific, Inc. in 1994, Intracorp acquired a skilled staff of some of the industry's best military wargame developers, responsible for the popular HARPOON 2 simulation. At its corporate headquarters in Miami, Florida, Intracorp has assembled a talented team of artists, programmers, musicians, and producers who have worked on a wide variety of successful computer game titles.

In addition to strong in-house development capabilities, Intracorp enjoys excellent relationships with leading 3rd Party developers and has strong ties to Hollywood and the licensing industry.  The Company has worked closely with major movie studios such as 20th Century Fox and MCA/Universal; actors such as William Shatner, Brent Spiner and Ron Perlman; as well as authors such as Roger Zelazny, Jane Lindskold, Rob MacGregor, David Drake and Steven King to create games based on both original and licensed concepts.  Intracorp has been very progressive with multi-player gaming technology and was one of the pioneers in including network and modem play options in its games.

Through its three distribution labels, CAPSTONE, THREE-SIXTY, and THE NEXT MOVE Intracorp has recently created and released titles including:

  • Roger Zelazny's CHRONOMASTER
  • Witchaven II
  • Witchaven
  • William Shatner's Tekwar
  • V For Victory: Commemorative Collection
  • Harpoon II Deluxe Multimedia
  • Grandmaster Championship Chess
  • Casino Tournament of Champions
  • Anyone for Cards

Intracorp is currently developing a number of exciting new interactive games. They include:

  • David Drakes' HAMMER'S SLAMMERS -- based upon Drake's best-selling series of sci-fi war novels.
  • FATE -- a ground-breaking first person action game using the "BUILD" engine from 3D REALMS, with exclusive enhancements.
  • CORRIDOR 8: GALACTIC WARS -- state-of-the-art sequel to the top-selling hit, CORRIDOR 7.
  • BLOOD HOCKEY -- the first ever, in-your-face, bloody, brawling, first person 3D perspective hockey game.
  • SOULKEEPER (a.k.a. Crystal Skulls)  -- based on the novel by noted author, Rob MacGregor.
  • V FOR VICTORY II: THE PACIFIC CAMPAIGN -- the long awaited sequel to one of the most highly regarded War Game series' of all time, featuring a brand new and exclusive state-of-the-art gaming engine.
  • Time Warner Cable:  Full Service Network -- Interactive content to be delivered to television sets via Time Warner Cable's Full Service Network.